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Kaylie Shaver

Kaylie Shaver culturing bear fat cells for testing of insulin sensitivity. Kaylie was a DVM student who graduated in May, 2020.

Culture Queens!

Two's company, three's a crowd? Former students (R toL): Jamie Gehring and Kim Rigano being joined by Joy Erlenbach, former wildlife PhD student with Dr. Charlie Robbins (mentor) and now bear biologist in Kodiak, AK.

Lab clowns_ca2014.jpg

Clowning around. Back (l-r): Me, Brandon Hutzenbiler, Jamie Gehring. Front (l-r): Nicole Marinelli, Kim Rigano, Rong Guo.


Doing Science!  Note the creative use of glass space for notes and experimental design. Who needs a whiteboard! Way to go Hannah!!

Jessica (F) and Macy (R) learning cell culture techniques. Or as Ellery put it, "pipettes and ponytails!"

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