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Current Members

Chelsea Davis, B.S.

Research Associate and WSU Bear Center manager

Photo coming soon

Heather Havelock

M.S. student, School of Biological Sciences, WSU

Photo coming soon

Macy McPhee

Undergraduate student, Neuroscience, WSU

Photo coming soon

Jessica Konop

Undergraduate student, Animal Science,

pre-veterinary, WSU

Photo coming soon

Former graduate students

Evan Sleipness, Ph.D., MD

Naval Medical Center

San Diego, CA

Jenny Browning, Ph.D.

Scientific Review Officer,

Division of Neuroscience, Development and Aging, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD

Jasmine Ware, Ph.D.

Polar Bear Biologist I

Government of Nunavut

Igloolik, NU, X0A 0L0, Canada

Rong Guo, Ph.D.

Scientist II

Allen Institute

Seattle, WA

Kimberly Rigano, M.S.

Field Technician

Ecological Associates, Inc.

Jensen Beach, FL

Jamie Gehring, M.S.

Research Associate

Allen Institute for Cell Science

Seattle, WA

Nicole Marinelli, D.V.M, M.S.

Hannah Hapner, M.S.

Research Associate

University of Washington

Seattle, WA

Ellery Vincent, M.S.

PhD Student

Washington State University

School of Biological Sciences


Former undergraduate students

Jarrett Riley (2001-2004)

Renee Woody (2002-2003)

Bernadette Ronyane (2005-2006)

Brandon Alcott (2006)

Tiffany Patton (2006-2007)

Caroline Decker (2006-2007)

Kimberly Urion (2006-2007)

Stephen Dolinko (2006-2008)

Min Park (2007-2008)

Andrea Rake (2007-2008)

Andrea Mytinger (2007-2009)

Alexandra Bond (2008-2010)

Matthew Grimes (2008-2009)

Jamie Gaber (2008-2010)

Jessica Faunce (2015-2016; Honors College)

Healani Brennan (2015-2016)

Kristina Manis (2016-2019)

Katherine Willoughby (2016-2017)

Matthew Graham (2016-2017; Honors College)

Madeline McPhee (2018-2020)
Tina Wang (2018-2019)

Colby Weill (2018-2019)

Former veterinary students

Nicole Froehlich (2011 summer); WSU student

Leanne (Joy) Parker  (2012 summer); Univ. Wisconsin student

Kaylie Shaver (2017, 2018 summer); WSU student, Research Scholar

Grace Sun (2020, 2021 summer); WSU student, Research Scholar

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